Entry #1

Good Day I am new here, here is a link and son text

2016-08-30 10:45:46 by TheAttick


So Newgrounds have always been a site I have been lurking on since I got my internet drivers license but I have just never don an account on it dont know way


But here I am now and probably going to upload some of my picture hopefully some stop motion in the future


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2016-10-17 06:39:24

How long have you had your Internet drivers license I wonder? :P

Good choice signing up here! Hope you enjoy your stay in this crazy, creative community!

TheAttick responds:

Oh maby 16-17 years don't know but I do remember the sound of the internet so you be the judge of that

Thank you and ya so far I have seen a lot of creativity here and I have myself trying to get in to the art hub (so far no luck) I am also thinking som time in the future that I upload som stop motion animation :)


2016-10-17 14:32:44

The days of 56k huh, honorary beginnings. :) I wonder if the sound I remember is the actual sound of the Internet as I heard it then, or just dial-up audio clips I've stumbled upon line since...

Art Hub's probably a bit harder to get into with unconventional art, but I'll see what you have. Looks interesting. And good luck! Stopmotion's all too rare now, definitely looking forward to some of that. :) Back in the day it was the shizzle, feels like Knox had the King of the Portal reward for almost a whole year at a time: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/klayworld

TheAttick responds:



2016-11-21 01:30:20

hello there and have a good day on NG

TheAttick responds:

Good day and the same on you :D